Customer sues mobile provider …. and wins !

Picked this up from this morning through apparently it was also in ThisIsLondon

“..Orange subscriber Tom Prescott successfully sued his network over a lack of signal. Prescott had asked Orange to cancel his 18 month contract after discovering he had no reception at either his Richmond home or place of work. He has received £500 and had the contract annulled.”

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If I was T-Mobile (formerly one to no-one), I’d be bracing myself about now.

The future of online is …

… offline ?

With everyone talking about “cloud computing”, the question arises – what happens when you’re offline?

Check out this excerpt from a recent google keynote

So you can have web apps, cached locally so that you can remain productive when disconnected.

I love it ! Do you ?

Who really cares about ‘up time’ ?

A Slashdot post caught my eye this morning –

“Twitter Leads Social Networks In Downtime”

“A study on site availability by monitoring service Pingdom shows that in 2008 Twitter greeted users with the ‘Fail Whale’ for more than 84 hours, almost twice as much as any other site. At the other end of the scale imeem and Xanga managed less than 4 hours of downtime for 99.95% uptime. Myspace, Facebook and were the only other sites studied which managed to stay up more than 99.9% of the time.”

Does the old “5 nines” availabity mantra not apply anymore? (BTW, I was never a big fan of that one anyway )and given the ever growing popularity with twitter, it begs the question, are twits just more forgiving than other users of technology / IT solutions ?

Skilling up your team

Some folks have asked if I can (re) publish the article I did for CIO Connect magazine towards the end of 2008 on skills development

Happy to oblige

When it comes to skills development, Associated Newspapers’ CIO Ian Cohen believes what counts is not the particular framework you adopt, but the ability to articulate clearly where you’re going. “For every person who says one particular development framework is the best, someone else tells you to use another. For me, the specifics of the tools are irrelevant as long as you have the right attitude to skills development and a coherent vision of where you’re going,” he says

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